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 3. Experiences
Current Primary Functions and Responsibilities
Please select no more than 6 items. Choose those that are a key part of your personal mandate and NOT functional areas you interface with. Present refers to last 5 years.
--- General ---
End user


Ticket size <50k

  Material Handling

Ticket size 251k-500k

  Ticket size 501k-3mm

Ticket size 4mm-15mm

  Ticket size 16mm-50mm

Ticket size 51mm+

  No Leasing Experience

--- Sales ---
Lending based on receivables or inventory
Individual using lenders outside of their company to fund transactions, usually on a one-off basis. Or, a person working for a small company who does not fund transactions with their own money.
Call Center
Central location consisting of a very large group (50+) and can include inside sales, customer service, and collections.
Manufacturer or distributor's internal finance arm for their equipment
Inside sales
Sales conducted via telephone (tele-sales) and does not include frequent or regular customer visits.
  Manage National Accounts/Program Manager
Support or service 3rd party or private label programs

  Originate National Accounts
ORIGINATES large regional or national programs.

  Sales support
People who interface w/vendors or lessees to answer questions or facilitate processing of business. Can include generating leads for sales people.
Syndication Buy/Sell

--- Management ---
Asset Manager Management
A person who manages people or a department of asset managers.
  Call Center Management

Captive Management
Create a captive for a manufacturer or manage the team of people who work for the captive. This does NOT mean an individual who manages a program.




  Controller/Finance/Accounting Management


  Credit Management

President, Chairperson, General Manager, EVP, SVP of multiple disciplines
  HR Management

Operations Management

  Sales Management

Small Business Owner

  Syndications Management

--- Credit ---
Credit - Jr.
An analyst with little or no credit authority.
  Credit - Sr.
Handles more complex transactions. May have signing authority and skill sets that include structuring, spreading financials, sophisticated write-ups, etc.
Credit - Work outs
Works with distressed accounts to avoid write-offs/charge-offs
--- Operations ---
Asset Management


Customer Service


Identifies and executes mergers/acquisitions
  Portfolio Acquisitions

Portfolio Manager
Monitor one or more portfolios regarding: Technology changes that may affect the valuation of these assets. Exposure to specific assets, allocation % of specific assets

--- Finance ---

  Business Analyst
Reviews companies for acquisition or to determine their value/safety as a potential client. Reviews potential vendors or lessees. Evaluates a company's market placement, competitors, etc..

  Finance Analyst
Retrieves & analyzes financial data for collections, sales, marketing etc. Extensive software knowledge: Crystal reporting, Data Warehousing, Business Objects etc. Typically has proficiency in collections, sales or marketing.

  Treasury/Cash Management

--- Marketing ---
Works on/with brochures, ads, flyers, promotions, & may interface with outside agencies.
  Marketing/Product Development
Investigates market demands & creates products. Not a sales position.
Strategic Planning
Management/senior position which decides 'Go to Market' strategies.
--- Legal ---
Attorney - In House Counsel

  Attorney - Law Firm

Legal Staff

--- Other ---
Commercial Lender


Credit Card



  Investment Banking


Primary Assets You Currently Finance/Lease
Please select no more than 6 items that represent the bulk of your daily focus. Present refers to last 5 years.
--- General ---
No Asset Experience

--- Hard Assets ---


Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Equipment
  Machine Tools


  Material Handling

Miscellaneous Hard Assets

  Plastic Injection

Cogeneration plants, nuclear plants, oil drilling/rigs, utility companies, etc.
--- Soft Collateral ---




High Tech
Lab, Robotics, Biotech, Scientific, Semi-conductors, Electronic Circuitry, ATMs & Security Systems, etc.

Practice Sales/Acquisition



--- Transportation ---


Trucks, buses, tractors, trailers, hearses, fire trucks, ambulances, etc.

--- Other ---


Project Finance
Total turnkey, and usually involves real estate
Current or Most Recent Career Information
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Position Title:
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Incentive Compensation:
Car Allowance:
Total Income: Total income minus car allowance for the last complete calendar year.
Total Income:
How much business do you need to book to cover base before commissions begin?
    Commissions begin at $ equipment cost or $ profit.
Current Quota and Production: If not a full year, please enter YTD and today's date in the field along with the amount.
Select the areas that describe your target market or responsibilities at your current or most recent position.
End User:
Transaction Size Range:
Typical Transaction Size:
Please Summarize your Current Daily Responsibilities:
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