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After more than twenty years working with our clients we have accumulated experience in all facets of equipment leasing and finance going beyond the hiring process. In fact, many of our clients use our services on a continuing basis, both before and long after a placement has been made. In our continuing effort to provide value beyond the search for top notch talent, we have developed a comprehensive suite of products which assist our clients, including Interview Training, Staff Appraisals and Interim Management.

With an innate sense of urgency and a grasp of the subtle intangibles of the leasing and finance market, Executive Solutions helps companies anticipate trends and out-perform their competition.

Interviewing, Selecting, and Hiring Talent

Frequently the hiring process is performed in an ad hoc manner with hiring managers relying on their "gut". In an effort to remove the guesswork we guide you through the process of creating detailed and relevant Job Descriptions, establishing Goals and Objectives for the interview, and providing comprehensive Training on Effective Interviewing and the successful utilization of valuable insights gained during the interview process to manage and lead staff effectively. To learn more, click here.

Retaining and Improving Talent

Leading companies know the process isn't over after the conclusion of a successful hiring process. It is essential to proactively manage your staff and continually push to improve your team. We can assist in Staff Appraisals, Staff Development plans, Leadership Training to produce better managers, and Compensation Plan Analysis and Development to maintain high employee retention. To learn more, click here.

Building a Better Machine

Developing a top notch group of employees is necessary but not sufficient to running a leading finance company. You must ensure that your company remains on the cutting edge of innovation while continually working to improve efficiencies and profits. We can work with you to streamline your Operational Process, Assess and Recommend Improvements to the Business Model, and provide Interim Management while seeking a permanent hire or during a turn-around. To learn more, click here.


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