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Retained Searches

To access the industry's best Executive Talent, choose an Executive Search Firm with a recognizable difference

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • SVP
  • EVP
  • General Manager

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Contingency Searches

Are you spending more time trying to fill positions than you are conducting business?

  • Mid-level Management
  • Sales Representatives
  • Credit Analysts
  • Documentation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Syndications
  • Collections
  • Marketing

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Fresh Talent: Pro-Active Out of Industry Recruitment and Training

To address the changing demographics of our industry and the need to attract the next generation of capable leasing professionals, we can work with you to develop a dedicated training program to educate new hires on everything from the basics of selling (or credit analysis) to the fundamentals of leasing. Our Fresh Talent recruitment process targets recent graduates with aptitude in a desired discipline, like sales or credit analysis. We pro-actively recruit recent graduates and professionals at the beginnings of their careers to help you build a loyal and well trained staff.

The benefits to this approach are many:
  • Lower salary & recruiting expenses allow companies to hire several Fresh Talent Candidates rather than one industry veteran
  • Dramatically increases the talent pool providing a greater likelihood of success
  • Concurrent training is cost effective so that resources can be better utilized
  • Fresh Talent hires do not need to "unlearn" bad habits and will learn your approach and products from the ground up
  • The investment in these new hires translates to increased loyalty
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Expanded 'Solutions' From Executive Solutions

After more than twenty years working with our clients we have accumulated experience in all facets of equipment leasing and finance far beyond the hiring process. In fact, many of our clients use our services on a continuing basis, both before and long after a placement has been made. We provide value beyond the search for top notch talent, through the development of a comprehensive suite of products to assist our clients.

With an innate sense of urgency and a grasp of the subtle intangibles of the leasing and finance market, Executive Solutions helps companies anticipate trends and out-perform their competition in the following ways.

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