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Traction Business Development, LLC
  Traction Business Development, LLC

Tracbiz is a boutique consulting practice that focuses on improving business performance. Services offered dovetail perfectly with the recruitment excellence provided by ESLF and include:

  • Creating job descriptions, establishing SMART goals and an appraisal process
  • Situational interviewing techniques and candidate assessments
  • Staff development and retention; incentives and recognition programs
  • Leadership training and executive mentoring and coaching
  • Business metrics, dashboard and scorecard development and deployment
  • Using lean six sigma principles to improve efficiency and reduce overheads
  • On-site process mapping and operational restructuring
  • Outsourced and interim business leadership
  • Virtual sales management
  • Turnaround strategy and execution for an under-performing business
  • Remedies for dysfunctional groups, business units and subsidiaries
  • Acquisitions, divestitures and integrations
  • Executive talent available for the exact moments that it is needed!

There are likely numerous opportunities for Tracbiz to help your organization. For a preliminary conversation please contact David Waldron at djwaldron@tracbiz.com.


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